Victorinox "Swiss Army" knife Store Display

Do you love your old "Swiss Army" knife as much as I do mine?
Then you're *really* going to love this red and chrome plastic store display.
It's over five feet tall and looks just like the trusty knife you got for bringing home your first merit badge. The cavity is 15" x 47" and 8" deep, and it's just begging for you to put some glass shelves in it to proudly display your Boy Scout memorabilia.
This thing is entirely too cool to be explained properly , and unfortunately, eBay won't let me point directly too this URL. So if you want to see larger images of this incredible display, you're going to have to go to
T are some caviats folks. This was a store display, so it has some rubbed spots in it and you might even find some small scratches if you look hard enough. The damages are very minimal, enough so, that you have to get within 7 or 8 inches of it to find them at all. Nothing glaring or obvious damage, just the sort of wear and tear you'd expect from many years of faithful service promoting knives in a local Sporting Goods store.
cost is very high for shipping this thing, UPS won't accept it because it is too large, FedEx is pretty much the only option and they call it oversize "3", so figure it will cost over $70.00 freight if you can't pick
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