Victorinox Swisschamp XL (b4 XLT) Swiss Army Knife mint pristine extremely rare

Swisschamp XL -- A highly rare Swiss Army Knife (SAK) produced in the 1990s
This knife is intended for a collector with a display case. Ordinary users should turn back now.
According to the SAK wiki …
“The XL model adds the Spatula, Electrician's blade, Small Pruner blade and the Divot tool to the already large tool selection of the SwissChamp. It was made in a very short time span and limited numbers in the late 1990s.”
The challenge for the collector is not only to find the rare items, but to get them in good or better condition. This knife is as close to perfect as a Victorinox product can be. The outer scales are unhandled, showing their original, highly delicate sheen completely intact. The blades are unused and super-shiny. This is condition your knife will be in when you receive it.
A leather pouch suitable for the knife is included. But, if you actually use it, the knife will lose about one third of its value, because the handles will sufficiently scuff such that it will no longer be considered pristine. (It’s like buying a new car and driving it off the lot – immediate loss of collectable value.)
Given the knife’s age, I do not guarantee the viability of the pen. This is a standard, easily replaced part.
Shipping costs include insurance.