Victory Models 1940 Series 52 Convertible CPE VM-10

Victory Models


1940 Series 52 Convertible CPE

Color: Gray

Parts Missing: None

Condition: Great

This car came from a private collection from my wife's late father. His collection span thousands of 1:43rd scale models from manufactures like: Conquest, Motor City USA, Brooklin, Highway Travelers, Precision Miniatures, Century, Mini Marque '43, custom painted John Roberts cars, and many more.

In the coming months, many more will be listed for auction with low starting bids. So stay tune and keep an eye out for those cars that you missed out and really really want for your collection.

Please note: Many of these cars are manufactured out of white metal and is extremely heavy so please keep this in mind when viewing the cost for shipping. All items will be insured.


UPDATE 3/4/2013

1. Due to the raise in postage by the USPS, all new auctions will reflect the new raise in prices. Please don't argue over the rates; I'm at the mercy of USPS as well :( I try to keep the shipping as low as possible, but I can only do so much these days.

2. Look at the photos. If you don't see a feature; a mirror, a hood thingie, a door handle, send me an email on it! Don't just expect that it'll magically appear when you get the item in
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