These booklets are in fantastic shape.The larger booklet, dated 1918, has 2 color pictures inside, all the pages seem just perfect, and the cover is fabulous.
Also include is a tiny little booklet that was inside the larger booklet, that is the" Instructions for the Unpacking, Assembling, Operation, and Care of Victrola XI". this is a 15 page booklet that was in the ORIGINAL envelope with the "How to get the most out of your Victrola" booklet.
I don't believe that I have ever seen such a complete set of manuals for the Victrola, ever!
This is just the ultimate booklet package for the Victrola collector!
I would like to ship these in a flat box, rather than an envelope, so that they will stay in this fabulous shape.
Please email me with any questions before bidding.
thank you so much!