Vienna Bronze Medium STANDING PENGUIN Bermann Austria Brass

Authentic Wiener Bronze by Bermann:

Standing Penguin - medium sized

We are offering this authentic Vienna Bronze (Wiener Bronze), handmade by the Bermann Company. The object bears the golden "FBW" mark (Fritz Bermann Wien). This figure is 38mm tall.

About the production of these miniatures

The material of the object is brass. Achieving such a high level of detail requires a very complex and time intensive production process: At the beginning moulds of wax were created, including drains for air and melted brass. All that was covered with clay. The mould was dried and fired. At the same time the wax melted and created a hollow space which was later filled with molten bronze. After casting and cooling the ceramic mould was destroyed and the brass core removed. The drains were then taken off and the whole surface was engraved by hammer and punch followed by the very costly and detailed painting.

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