Vietnam Era Military Survival Kit Lighter Waterproof NR

Vietnam Era Military Survival Kit Lighter - Waterproof - As Is Condition

This auction is for a Vietnam era Military Survival Kit Lighter that burns on butane and is water proof when the top is placed on it as pictured below.

The lighter being offered in this auction is NOT WORKING and is being offered in AS-IS CONDITION as a collectible item only.

We are unable to say if the lighter will function but someone with more mechanical skills than my husband (his words, not mine!) may be able to get it operational. The problem is the flint. The clip and spring that press against the flint come out but the flint that is in the lighter is stuck or a better term might be 'frozen in place'.

My husband said that someone with the right tools may be able to use a small drill to drill the old flint out? But, if you bid on this lighter, you are doing so with the understanding that it can not be operated. The flint wheel turns freely, but again, you need to get the old flint out to get a new one in.

Also, the lighter does not come with any butane in it so you will need to find a special adapter to refill it. You may be able to do so at a tobacco or pipe shop but again, you are bidding on the lighter as a collectible in AS IS CONDITION with the known faults as listed above.

pictures below show
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