Vietnam Veterans " The Wall " Gold Plate Challenge Coin

Vietnam Veteran's "The Wall" Memorial Challenge Coin honoring those who gave all during the War that lasted from 1959 to 1975 (and for some lasted a lot longer than that and is still going on & Remember the POW/MIA's also!). This beautiful "gold plated" is a 1 1/2 inch coin & has a depiction of "The Wall" on one side and a tribute to the men and women who served from '59 to '75 on the other side. The 5.25 megapixel camera shot of the coin does not do justice to this Vietnam Memorial Coin. The writing on both sides with the golden plating is clear, even though it may not show through on your screen (or from my two million dollar space technology camera), but it is well worth the tribute to the deserving Vets. Picture does not do justice to this coin. This is one nice, tough to get coin. Welcome Home, after all these years!