Vietnam zippo RAAF Australian Bob Dexter Pilot

Original etched Vietnam zippo.

Bob Dexter The professional Royal Australian Air Force 35 squadron Vietnam

Australian airforce and the canadian airforce have trained and were based together in canada since the second world war so its not uncommon to find Australian units on Canadian zippos.

And it may come as a suprise to some people that t is quite a few canadians who won the Congressional Medal of Honor while serving in vietnam as well as numerous Air medal too many to mention easy to check use google.

Girlfriends name rear Nguyen thi Oanh God damn you charley brown

Condition Excellent working flint removed for shipping.

had a few questions regarding my lighters over the last 7 years how ive had so many etc i will explain that now .I am not going to write some big long winded story like i see so often now .I have worked and lived between Melbourne Australlia and Saigon travelling all over the country meeting people working drinking as any old soldier would do except at 45 not that old yet still got a few more years in me I started as a collector as i did with Diving helmets being the one who suggested to formation of Historical diving society USA chapter ( any indepth questions ask about that) after seeling my Diving helmets I moved on to zippos All I offer is real incountry
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