This is an original vintage cotton picking sack made of heavy canvas - duck fabric. It measures 26" wide and 70" long on short side and 76" long on shoulder side. It has 1/2 w, n, h, (can't tell which of these letters)t PIONEER SACK, then underneath that it has some more letters i can't make out OZ. per sq. yd. It does have a few holes and they show in one of the pictures. W you see the holes is w it was drug on the ground. Oh yes, on one of the bottom corners someone wrapped some baling wire arround the corner for some reason. Anyway, it is still t Do you have one of these to hang on your log cabin wall (inside or out) or in your restored barn?

Once when I was a child of 5 years old, I thought I wanted to help my grandfather pick cotton. It didn't take very long to realize I was not getting anyw fast. I got one of these sacks (not this one, but one just like it) and did not get much into the sack when I had had all I wanted of picking cotton.

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