Viking Barrister Bookcase--4 Stack--Pick up in Kansas City

This barrister bookcase dates between 1900-1950. It includes 4 shelf units, the crown, and the base. The glass doors lift out and up and slide back in. They are in good condition except for one that needs the metal strip inserted back into it. The piece is in good condition; there are some fine, not deep scratches on what is now the top section. See photos above to view. The bookcase is for sale empty--the first photo above is only to show the beauty of the bookcase. The contents are not included in the sale.
All shelves have the original Viking label. The measurements are as follows;
Entire bookcase measures 61 1/2" tall by 34" wide by 12" deep.
1 shelf--No. 930 BX-- 9 1/2" Book Unit
2 shelves--No.930 BX--11 1/8" Book Unit
1 shelf--No.930BX--13 1/8" Book Unit
This bookcase was originally in a smoking environment; for the last 2 1/2 years it has been in a non-smoking area.