Viking Husqvarna Sweden Model 6020 Sewing Machine

Vintage Viking Husqvarna Sweden Model 6020 Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is in previously owned, used condition, and we think it is from around the early 1970's. It shows visible wear, surface scratches, and areas of missing paint. The motor cover is loose, and looks to be missing a screw or clip at the top of it. We aren't sewing machine experts, and didn't try to sew anything, but we plugged in the pedal, powered up the machine and as far as we can tell it runs well, but t is an odor emitting from the machine, possibly from the motor, or an oil burn-off type of smell. The machine could also use a cleaning up. Since this is a vintage electrical item, we recommend that it be professionally cleaned and checked out. Also, the light does work. The machine comes with two books, and all the accessories shown in the photos below. The case has some wear, and has an issue with one of the locks. It seems to keep locking on its own, and is very hard to unlock. It takes some work to unlock it. T is no bobbin in the machine, it was removed, and some of the bobbins in the accessory box will need to have the threads removed. The yellow foam padding between the machine and bed is in very worn condition, with red marks, and all around marks and wear, but we believe it is the original pad. Please see photos below. Thanks.

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