My Husband graduated from VILLANOVA UNIVERSITY in 1961. You can not imagine HOW MUCH he LOVES that University ( he went on to obtain a Graduate Degree at another University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; but t was no other love but "VILLANOVA" for him).

He was ecstatic to receive this Picture, although he knew about it beforehand, because "only Alumni and Parents of Present Students" were able to get the "Invitation" to order it. It was Limited to orders for a short period of time, never to be offered again. The "FRANKLIN MINT" was commissioned by the University to craft this Work of Art in precious Metal (STERLING SILVER) as a Commemorative piece. I will include the Initial "Invitation" He received , plus the Flyer included with a Photo of the Picture. You will also receive the "CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY" with the following information ;


"This is to certify that the SilverScene originally accompanied by this

certificate ia an original work of art in solid sterling silver portraying The

Chapel. The SilverScene was produced in a limited edition by the Franklin


It is dated JUN. 1 1977

Signed by "EDWARD J. RIDEOUT, Jr., Executive Vice President"

It measures : 15-1/8 inches by 12-5/8 inches. (Framed Size.
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