Vin Pepsi-Cola Advertising 1940's KEM Soda Bottle Shape Lighter - Missing Parts

After 12+ years on eBay, I am going out of business. From now until 12/31/13 (target date for Retirement)
I will be listing all my present stock (and gathering NO more!), at low bids priced-to-sell. I find it impossible
to now make a reasonable profit, and am just breaking even! It is been a great ride, I have learned so much &
met wonderful people along my journey. I won't stop buying on eBay, just will no longer be selling. So check back often, there will be a little bit of everything.

Good Luck eBay buyers & sellers!
Vintage Pepsi-Cola Advertising 1940'x KEM SODA BOTTLE SHAPE LIGHTER - Missing Parts (missing the lighter parts!). Still can be used for a nice display item. Measurements 2 1/2" tall. On the Bottom KEM Co., Detroit. Shipping FREE, includes tracking #. Sorry, I only ship within the USA.