Vince Flynn Thrillers -- Lot of 14 Plus One Duplicate

All fourteen novels by Vince Flynn Plus an extra copy of MEMORIAL DAY. His first novel (includes some characters who later appear in "Mitch Rapp" novels):TERM LIMITS All thirteen "Mitch Rapp" novels (listed here in order of original release date, from earliest to latest)TRANSFER OF POWER, THE THIRD OPTION, SEPARATION OF POWER, EXECUTIVE POWER, MEMORIAL DAY, CONSENT TO KILL,ACT OF TREASON, PROTECT AND DEFEND, EXTREME MEASURES, PURSUIT OF HONOR, AMERICAN ASSASSIN, KILL SHOT, THE LAST MAN ------ ABOUT THESE BOOKS: These are mass-market paperbacks (either 4"x 7" or the newer slightly longer size) except for five (5) which are full-size hardcovers with dust jackets. On a scale of poor, fair, good, very good, and excellent, the books range from good to very good condition. All the books have their covers and strong bindings. These are NOT former library books.