Vincent & Mary Price: Sears National Treasures Notebook

This is the Vincent and Mary Price's own copy of the complete Sears National Treasures notebook, containing all promotional material and inventory descriptions. Included are a folder containing an outline of the whole promotional plan--including internal and external kickoffs, etc, advertising material proclaiming Sears as "the status symbol of the future", as well as all of the inventory items from the line--including sample fabrics. This large notebook holds everything you need to know about Vincent and Mary Price's groundbreaking National Treasures Collection for Sears Roebuck & Co--a predecessor to today's immensely successful Restoration Hardware.
About The Vincent Price Collection of Fine Art for Sears and The Sears RoebuckVincent Price National Treasures Collection:
On October 6, 1962, the first exhibit and sale of "The Vincent Price Collection of Fine Art" took place in a Sears store in Denver, Colo. Original works of the great masters - Rembrandt, Chagall, Picasso, Whistler and more - as well as those of the best contemporary artists at the time were offered for sale in this first exhibit and throughout the program's existence.
Price was given complete authority to acquire any works he considered worthy of selection. He searched throughout the world for fine art to offer through Sears. He bought whole
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