Vincent Price's Own Script: Once Upon a Midnight Dreary

This is Vincent Price's own script to a symphony composed and conducted by Leonard Slatkin based on the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe. It was first performed in St. Louis (Price's hometown) on March 2 and 4, 1971. The list of places w it was subsequently performed is annotated on the first page in Price's own handwriting. The last performance appears to be at Yale University (Price's alma mater) on April 20, 1985.
Vincent Price loved his association with Edgar Allan Poe, and though he is most famous for the AIP films based on Poe's short stories, it was Poe's verse that he enjoyed the most. Price was a lover of poetry, and was acclaimed among his colleagues for his mellifluous voice and his ability to speak verse. Tfore this symphony was near and dear to his heart. He was extremely proud that a symphony had been composed for him, and loved the opportunity to perform it around the country.
The script consists of 16 pages, all of which are annotated in Price's own handwriting.
This is a wonderful piece of memorabilia for any Price and Poe fan.
About Leonard Slatkin: Music Director Leonard Slatkin is internationally recognized as acelebrated musician and champion of American music and musicians. Nowentering his 11th season with the NSO, he is lauded for leading the Orchestra on triumphant tours through Europe, Asia
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