Vint 8x10 Negative HELEN ROSE by Virgil Apger


You are bidding on a vintage black-and-white studio negative as described in the item title. This is an original photographic negative in very good condition. Our scan approximates the quality that can be obtained from this item by a photographic laboratory or with a professional scanner. This item is sold "as is" from one collector to another. No rights are expressed, implied or given. The provenance of this item is unknown. We strive to represent the item as accurately as possible when scanning but can assume no liability for increased grain, brightness, contrast, or color shifts in the scan or in your monitor. No reference print is included in this sale. Tint has been added to the scan of this image at the seller's discretion.


We accept only domestic bids. We do not ship outside the United States. If you live elsew, you will have to find someone in this country to bid for you and then e-mail us that address in order to secure a Buyer Block Exemption. Due to disability issues, we cannot otherwise make exceptions, and we do not respond to e-mail asking for them. Thank you for understanding.


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