Vint Antique Pope Scissors 950 Silver Italy UNIQUE

Very unique pair of silver sewing scissors. Embossed in the handle is a bust portrait of the pope, I could not tell you which one, framed by a vine/floral motif. It is marked "Anges Italy" and "Annus 950 Sanctus" . It has the original patina and is in working order meaning it open and closes smoothly. I'm guess age to be early 1900's as I got it from a woman in her 70's and she said it was her grandmothers. They measure 6" long by 1 3/4" wide. Very feminine. A must have for any collector and an interesting piece to display. Buyer pays shipping and insurance should it be required. Please e-me with any question. Thanks for looking and good luck.

I was informed of the following from a fellow eBayer. Please read carefully and know that these scissors are NOT silver as thought by the "950" but is actually the date "1950". Thank you for looking and sorry for the mistake, it was certainly unintentional.

Pope Pius XII (Latin: Pius PP. XII), born Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli (March 2, 1876 âe" October 9, 1958), reigned as the 260th pope, head of the Roman Catholic Church and sovereign of Vatican City, from March 2, 1939 until his death in 1958.
Also, what is written in latin is Holy Year 1950 not 950. It has nothing to do with sterling or silverplate status. These were probably sold as souvenirs to travelers
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