3-Vint Ruby Cut-to-Clear Frosted Shot Glasses Mt Fuji

Lot-of-3 Ruby Cut-to-Clear Frosted Satin Glass Shot-Cordials, Gateway to Mt. Fuji (Fuji-sama). Very detailed, hand cut, delicate artwork in ruby glass on a gorgeous frosted satin glass background.

Size: 2 3/8"H x 1 1/2"W at-the-rim x 1 1/16"W at-the-base-rim.

Weight: 11 oz's . packaged safely to ship to the winning buyer's home!

Description : 3-Shot-Cordial Glasses are ruby overlays cut to clear and frosted, then finished in white satin-like glass. Each is individually done, very detailed, and slightly different from each other. The scenes are looking across a small lake from the vantage point of some pine trees near a Shinto Gate. Across the lake is viewed a Temple in the Pagoda style; and in the near distance is Mount Fuji-ama also known as Fuji-san, Mt. Fuji, Mount Fuji-dono, and other Sacred Names known to the Japanese of which these are just a few. (*Mt. Fuji-ama is one of the most sacred Mountains in Japan, and having any rendering of the mountain is said to bring good fortune to any family, individual, business, or endeavour. Mt. Fuji is sacred to both the Buddhist and Shinto religions, as well as other religions in Japan, and home to many of Japans lesser dieties.) There is evidednt wear to the glasses from handling seen on the trees, the top rim, the frosted areas, and the base high points. All
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