This is a great vintage 1 cent slot made by The Groetchen Tool Co. back in 1938. It has a stamping on the bottom under the name. The stamp is S.P.502. I do not have the key to lock the back up. This peice looks like it needs some restoration, as you can see from the original picture this one has been painted. I put a picture of the original up with the other pictures. As far as I know this was made in 1938, from doing a little research on the Web (thats were I got the original pic.). The pictures in the slot are all of cigarette symbols( Old Gold, Lucky Strike, Camel, Fatima, Wings, Chesterfield). The slot still spins when you put a penny in it, but sticks sometimes. I have not put any gum balls in it to see if they come out. I don't know a lot about this slot machine, but to someone who collects or restores them this could be a gem. It was hard to find much info on it, but I'm sure you collectors out t know more about it. If you would like different pictures please let me know.

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