Up for auction today, is a a very nice,Vintage 10kt solid gold "GENERAL MOTORS OF CANADA, 25 year "Loyal Service" ring (circa 1930s to 1950s).......the ring is an aproximate size 10 1/4 to 10 1/2......and weighs in at a solid 12 GRAMS on my is stamped 10k "LGB (Lloyd Garfield "Balfour" ring company) inscription or initials is in very nice condition,with a lot of shine and detailing! (actually looks much nicer than photos!).... but does have a narrow split/crack running across the bottom of the shank (see photos).... that will eventually need to be repaired (soldered) by your local jeweller, if you choose to do so......( although the ring , is still wearable as sharp edges)...because of this issue however, I am offering this ring at a reduced price, ( very close to scrap value!) ... to allow for any repairs.....a great deal, since these vintage, 25 year rings, are very hard to find! ......this ring consists of solid 10k yellow gold,Onyx, and a small, nice quality diamond (aprox. 3 to 4 points +-).....and has some nice embossing which depicts the "GM" logo on one side, with a Canada Maple leaf below it.......and a gold crest of some type, on the other side.......also has a gold shield/ crest mounted on the Onyx, surrounded by the words "LOYAL SERVICE" with the number "25" on the center ... read more