Vintage 10K WWII AAF AAC Pilot Wings Badge Pinback Pin

Vintage 10K WWII Army Air Corps AAC Pilot Wings PinbackYou are bidding on a Vintage 10K gold filled WWII Army Air Corps AAC AAF Pilot Pinback Wings. These are 3/4 inch sweetheart or lapel size. They are marked "1/20 10K G.F." and have the remnants of a chain. They may have been part of a sweetheart set chained together. These wings are pinback and are inperfect working order. Please note the size (3/4 inch) and see pictures before bidding. Good Luck and happy bidding United States Aviator Badge From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pilot Badge, WWII Army design and currently Air Force regulation A United States Aviator Badge refers to three types of aviation badges issued by the United States military , those being for Army , Air Force , and Naval aviation. The first United States Aviator Badges were issued to members of the United States Army Air Service during the First World War . The badges were issued in three degrees: enlisted, junior officer, and senior officer. The Army Air Corps also issued a badge for balloon pilots, known as the Aeronaut Badge . During the Second World War , with the rise of the Army Air Forces , a second series of aviator badges were issued to include a design that has survived to the modern day. The Army Air Corps Pilot Badge was issued in three degrees, including Pilot, Senior Pilot, and Command Pilot, ... read more