Vintage 12" Bell and Howell Speaker

Vintage Bell and Howell Filmosound 179 speaker from the 1950's. It was originally for a 16mm film camera but can be used for a guitar, etc. It is in fairly decent shape, t is some white paint on one corner and a little rust on some of the corner protectors. The grill cloth is not in great shape but could probably be replaced fairly easily, and the cabinet has normal signs of wear and tear. The speaker itself looks to be in excellent shape and seems to work fine when I tested it. It is 16 ohms and rated 25 watts. The Speaker is labeled Bell and Howell but supposedly could be a Jenson? but I really don't know much about it. I could take the speaker out of the cabinet if you don't want the cabinet and shipping would cost less. It is 17 1/2"x16"x10 1/2".

The Jenson code stamped on the speaker appears to read 22084.