Vintage 12 inch gi joe adventure team radioactive rock 12" AT hasbro toy soldier

Careful Joe... one slip with that radioactive rock and this whole mine shaft will explode!!... trapping all of us 500 feet below ground!! I really can't remember the name of this predicament GI Joe is in here... something to do with an underground radioactive rock possibly? Either way... here he is... and he's perfect!! His bright green jumpsuit is super sharp and crisp along with its zipper. The amazing thing to me is the white piping on his uniform GLOWS IN THE DARK!! Along with the white edging on his goggles, his white belt and of course the radioactive rock Joe is wrestling with... they all GLOW!! This guy has been stored away for over 40 years and everything glows like it was made yesterday... very bright! His belt is perfect... with it's brass clasp and stitching. The goggles are in great shape with a perfect strap. The large yellow "tongs" are hinged and work smoothly... perfect for picking up that rock!! Please check out all the photos....
I have received many messages from ebayers asking when I will be listing more Joes... they're coming... slowly but surely. My older brothers and I are enjoying going through them and reliving all the great memories, deciding what to list and what piece of equipment goes where, just like the old days... so thanks to everyone.... stay tuned and please take a look at our other items.
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