Rare Vintage-12 Piece Goebel Hummel Nativity Set,Full Germany Sacrart

This is a very rare nativity scene that has been in the family for 40 plus years. It was rarely put on display and all pieces are in GREAT shape (with the exception of the donkey) has had his ear broken and it has been repaired. The stable also has a rail piece that needs re-glueing. The pieces are in great overall shape and have been stored with care for years! I found this set listed starting at $1250.00 /itm/Rare-Vintage-12-Piece-Goebel-Hummel-Nativity-Set-Full-Bee-Germany-Sacrart-HR5082-/250933803697?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a6cd1fab1 If you check this link one difference you will notice is many of the pieces in are broken in that link ( the set we have here has the angel w/ her Candle) often times you will find that candle has been broken off!

I am going to start the bidding low, and let you all decide what its worth!

Items will ship bubble wrapped priority mail, with tracking and insurance! You will receive this item as fast as possible! Any issues? I will offer a full return policy...


Each piece is individually marked on bottoms... such as Mary HX82A S. West Germany