Vintage 14 inch Ideal Wind Up Thumbelina doll! So sweet! Poss in Original Dress


Vintage adorable 14 inch Thumbelina doll in what may be her original dress. I'll let those of you who are more avid collectors decide for sure. I just know it was on her when I purchased the doll and it fits her well. Doll is missing her wind up knob in back, so I don't know if she still works or not. Her hair is missing some plugs on the front row of her hairline. Her hair may have been cut. Not sure how short it's supposed to be. There is, also, a 1/4 inch nick in the vinyl on the doll's right cheek. See close ups and photos for more details. She needs cleaning. I will leave this to the new owner's discretion and am selling the doll as I found her at the estate sale.

Sure to bring back fond memories of days.

Message me if you have any questions.

Please ask all questions before bidding.

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