Vintage 15" Black Yellow STUFFED MONKEY Plastic Banana

L@@K !!!! Vintage 15" Black and Yellow STUFFED MONKEY with a Plastic Banana !!!! NO RESERVE!!!

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Vintage Stuffed Monkey with Banana

This cute little fellow is approximately 15" long. I think he is from the 1960's based on appearance and wear but I see no tags or markings. When I was listing this item, I saw several of these style stuffed Monkeys and they were often referred to as a "Mr. Zippy" but I don't know if this is a "Mr. Zippy" or not. He has two black tuft buttons on his chest and is wearing white tennis shoes. If some kind ebayer recognizes the name and manufacturer of this item and would care to share that with me, I will be glad to update my description. If you want close up photos of anything area, please email me and if time allows, I will get those back to you.

He is in fair condition. T is a seam separation w his right arm connects to his body and the thread that holds his right hand to his arm is missing a few stitches alont the top edge but these should be pretty easy to repair for someone who knows how to use a needle and thread better than me!!

His face, hands, ears, banana and shoes are in pretty good condition with some wear, scuffs and soiling. T is a paint crack in his left eye that you may be able to see in my photo below but otherwise all the
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