Vintage 16 Oz Brass Plumb Bob w/Case Thorpe Smith Leitz

Vintage Thorpe Smith Brass Plumb Bob

This 16 ounce brass plumb bob is a beauty. The plumb bob was made by Thorpe Smith and the leather case by Leitz. Yeah, I know, they don't match, but the plumb bob fits in the case perfectly.

The top of the plumb bob unscrews to replace the string. When the top is removed t is a cavity inside which could be used for storing something small. The steel tip is also removable.

A former owner's name is engraved in the top of the plumb bob.

The plumb bob taken apart.

Someone asked for an image of the Thorpe marking. This proved surprisingly difficult due to reflections and focusing difficulty. Finally, I just held the plumb bob over a scanner at an angle to reduce the reflections. This is a lousy image, but at least you can see the marking.
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