Vintage 18K Gold EP Ladies Cartier Wristwatch with a Black Case

This is a very pretty & classic Cartier women's wristwatch.

The watch is 18K Gold Electroplated & is working well.

The face notes Cartier and Swiss at the very bottom; Roman numerals are used.

The back of the case is marked: Cartier, 18K Gold, Electroplated, Swiss.

The band buckle area also has the Cartier mark.

The band is black and made of some kind of leather. The band is marked Cartier, Swiss Made. The band does show some minor signs of wear & use.

This watch also comes with a black case which is marked Cartier on the inside. It's not a great case by any means, but it is nice to have a place to store the watch.

There seems to be almost like a spec of gold around the 9:00 (by the very edge of the face as well as by the square rim where the hands are in) and below the 6:00, which I cannot tell if it's on the crystal or the face. Minor scratches on the back of the case & on the side without the crown. The band shows minor signs of use & wear. Please view all pictures. Thanks!

A nice watch for any woman to own!

Recently "picked" from the Greater Philadelphia area, I personally hand select each antique, piece of art, jewelry or any other item of interest myself.

Please feel free to message with any questions.

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