Vintage 19.75" 502mm f10 Kodak Ektanon Lens for Large Format Camera 8x10 11x14

Excellent sharp large format lens at a great price! This is a 19.75" (502mm) f10 Kodak Ektanon process lens, made sometime in the '50s or '60s. These are incredibly sharp lenses, and compare favorably to the APO Ronars and Schneiders of the present day in sharpness, contrast and color rendition. The is in good shape, the aperture is smooth, glass is fantastic, although there are a couple of marks on the glass, and some internal dust, in great condition for it's age. Easily covers 11x14, and even corner to corner 16x20 at infinity. Massive coverage for impressive movements, and tons of sharpness to boot, it's hard to go wrong!
Lens measures 74mm tall x 100mm wide at the flange, comes with mounting ring.
I've been collecting, buying and selling camera gear for over 15 years, and have seen a wide selection of camera gear over the years. I specialize in large format antiques and other vintage camera gear, some that needs additional restoration, some that's functions perfectly as it is. I examine and clean each piece, and I describe each to the best of my abilities, but all the gear I sell is used, and thus imperfect as am I. If you are unsatisfied with a piece or I described it improperly, I will always take a return (provided gear is returned within 14 days of arrival, and in the same
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