Vintage 1900's Ottawa Chief Tomatoes The Gypsum Canning Port Clinton Ohio

We offer for your bid: A fine old primitive food can that is '' Ottawa Chief Brand Tomatoes, The Haserot Company Cleveland, Ohio Packed by The Gypsum Canning Co. Port Clinton, Ohio.'' The top of the can is still attached and roughly cut open, possibly with a knife. The weight is marked '' 1 lb. 3 ozs.''The paper label is original, very colorful The graphics consist of a really wonderful company logo of a Ottawa Chief. PLEASE LOOK AT ALL OF OUR PICURES. They show all the details of the can, label, and condition. This can is believed to be approx. 80 to 100 years old. The label has small dent and tear but overall it is really collectable, vibrantly colored. We were amazed to see old kitchen food cans brought to a widely watched TV antiques show w they were appraised at $500 to $1000 each. We offer them with no reserve to the eBay bidders - we'll let you folks set the price with your bids and get a bargain. This is one of over 600 cans that I've had in my collection over the past 25 years, mostly from one man. He came to me at my shop in Alliance with ten vintage food can in a paper sack, saying that he got them from the cellar under his kitchen. He kept coming in about once a week for about six months to sell me another few treasures from his old sack. I finally asked where he was getting them, and was invited to his house which
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