Vintage 1906 Magazines Publications THE STANDARD and Vanity Fair Bound issues

Up for auction is a collection of vintage magazines/publications collected together and bound together in a hardcover book.
The spine of the book reads " The Standard" "1906-07" in gold letters.
The title of the publications is The Standard and Vanity Fair. "The Standard" is the large part of the title with "Vanity Fair" in smaller lettering underneath.
The first issue is dated July 27, 1906. Vol. XXXVIII. No. 884. Price was 10 cents.
Published weekly by the American Standard Publishing Company in New York City.
Contains issues 884 through 914 -excluding 887 and 896. 28 issues.
Lot of vintage photos:
Most of women/ladies posing.
Lots of showing of legs.
Some may have been considered slighlty risque for the times.
Vintage ads-morphine, Iver Johnson pistols,toiletries, medicines,books,photos.
Most issues have a 2 page "centerfold".
The outside hardcover binding shows some wear at the corners and upper and lower spine. The inside contents are in excellent condition considering their age . No torn, loose or folded pages. Some aging to the outside page edges, but the inner pages show little age and are still nice and white. No handwriting inside.
This is an unique offering. I did not find any listed on Ebay at the time of this listing so be sure to get your
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