Vintage Rare 1919 World War One (WW1) painted plaster Peace Black cat ornament

A vintage 1919 dated 'Peace' painted hollow plaster Black cat ornament to commemorate the end of WW1 and possibly sold to raise funds after the war measuring approx. 6 inches tall. Now approaching 100 years old it is just as i have found it with age related wear and marks including plenty of rubbing to the paintwork revealing the plaster below (please see photos) and also there is an airhole in the side aswell as some uneveness/wear to the bottom plinth where the date is that looks like a surface chip etc which has been painted over so i believe will be original from the time of manufacture (please see photos). Although these were presumably made from a mould as there are seams showing and made in large numbers to raise funds after the war i am unable to find another one online so might be quite a rare piece but don't really know.
Thanks for looking and please have a look at my other vintage items etc.