Vintage 1920’s Dr. YY. B. Caldwell’s Clear Glass Medicine Bottle and Glass Stopper

This is a vintage Dr. YY. B. Caldwell’s clear glass medicine bottle with a hard to find glass stopper. The front of the bottle is embossed with Dr. YY. B. Caldwell’s and Monticello, Illinois. According to my research, the YY is really supposed to be a W and was caused when the bottle mold was recut. The bottle and stopper are in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. The bottle does have some small bubbles in various parts of the glass and there are some small black spots on the top and neck of the bottle along with a few more in various places around the bottle. I do not know if these small black spots are leftover from what was originally in the bottle or were introduced during the bottle making process. The bottom of the bottle is marked with a “7” and a “P” within a circle which dates the bottle to the 1920’s. This bottle would make a great addition to any bottle collection because of the hard to find glass stopper.

The bottle is about 7 inches high without the stopper and about 7 1/4 inches high with the stopper in place. The bottle is about 2 1/4 inches wide and 1 3/8 inches deep.

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