Vintage 1920's era KNAPP ELECTRIC QUESTIONER GAME, Complete w/ Game Boards, RARE

Knapp Electric Questioner Game

Really cool vintage forerunner of modern day electronic games. This came out in the late 20's to 1930 era and was made by David Knapp, and inventor. The public at the time was absolutely fascinated by all things electronic and "modern".

The lid features a picture of "modern" communication towers. The inside features various different game play cards, and also info about Morse code and Continental telegraph code.

Lower left side has a battery storage cylinder and metal contacts, with a metal buzzer. The right side has 48 metal contacts and the game boards fit on top of those.

Condition: Sorry but I was not able to test the game. Everything looks complete and I would imagine if you cleaned and shined up all the contacts in the battery storage cylinder it would probably work fine.

Game Play:

15 different game boards vary in topic and content: Robinson Crusoe, Evangeline, Famous Ships of American History, Alice in Wonderland, Life of George Washington, Elementary Chemistry, Biblical Facts, China, Baron Munchausen, and more. Some boards include pictures and text, others only text. All boards have 48 holes, with one hole at each text question or picture. The boards fit over the 48 metal projections in the box bottom. A player takes one of the insulated wires and touches the
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