Vintage 1920's Little Blue Books Lot of 57 With Catalog And Vintage Wood Box

Found these beauties at an estate sale. Very neat little books, instructional booklets covering just about everything. They came in this well crafted wood box, so I am selling them along with it, to keep the set together. These are the original how to books from the early 1920's. 57 books and the catalog. All books are paper, and fragile, but in good condition. There are a few duplicates, not many.
Books included are:
876 Curiosities of Mathematics
754 An International Dictionary of Authors
112 The Secret of Self Development
468 The Story of Architecture
1174 How to Write Business Letters
409 Great Men of Science
1109 Spanish Self Taught
681 Spelling Self Taught
1251 What Do You Know
7 A Liberal Education
1074 A Handbook of Commercial Law
902 A Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases
367 How to Improve Your Conversation
467 Evolution Made Plain
109 Facts You Should Know About the Classics
697 4,000 Words Often Mispronounced
895 Astronomy for Beginners
364 How to Argue Logically
364 How to Write Telegrams Properly
597 A Short History of the American Revolution
1204 A Dictionary of Musical Terms
1065 Lives of the US Presidents
1241 An Outline of United States History
503 A Short History of the Civil War
815 A Book of Familiar Quotations
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