Vintage 1930s Coca-Cola Syrup Original Wood Keg Barrel

Vintage 1920's -1930's


Original Wood Syrup Keg Barrel


This is a 1920's - 1930's original Coca-Cola Syrup Keg Barrel . The wooden container is five-gallon size, measuring, 16 ½ inches high and 10 ½ inches diameter at the base and top. Barrel circumference is 38 inches. The container is hardwood (oak or beech?). Nail pressure and riveted steel bands hold barrel together. The barrel weighs 11 pounds. Only a small portion of original label is present, but it verifies the barrel is authentic. (Image)

The barrel was used to ship syrup to market (drug stores). The barrel had been attic stored, while not rare, these barrels are becoming difficult to find and costly.

This five gallon barrel is an excellent compliment to any soda pop or Coke collector.


· Barrel displays aging red wash stain patina.

· Barrel is sturdy, no loose starves, or damage (no wobbles)

· Base and top are tight (not loose)

· Steel bands have surface rusting, not a major problem.

· Some syrup stains on top and side.

· T are No Repairs, damage, or restoration.

· View images for evaluation.

NOTE: More than 85% of the label is missing; however, if you are Coke enthusiast, this remains a collectible addition.
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