Vintage 1930s French TC 38 Gas Mask w/ Filter & Case

Vintage 1930s French TC 38 Gas Mask with Filter & Canister. The TC 38 mask is the most common Civil Defense mask issued before the WW II. Several millions of these masks have been delivered to the main town population at the beginning of the war in 1939. It is the same mask as the military ANP T 31 unless the hose and the CP 35 C who has an inlet valve in the connecting end of the filter . This mask has been also sold in the commercial market. This item is a double collectible. The item is an actual Gas Mask from the time period, but it was acquired by me for research & development for Sony Playstation. The Gas Mask was utilized as a gaming development prop for the game KillZone and Socom Navy Seal. I do have a business card to prove it. So Do Not Miss This Rare Chance to Own One. This is better deal then in a military surplus store. I seen this item for around 100 to 150 dollars. Do Not Miss Out! Good Luck Bidding! As an ex-employee of an amazing industry I have moved on and currently selling all my collection of amazing collectibles. The coolest parts about these items are that I was doing research and development for Sony. This means I have made a lot of the Games for Sony Playstation. I worked with their 3D and motion capture technology for 6 years. This means all items for auctions are rare collectible relating to the ... read more