Vintage 1930s Halloween Costume w/ DEVILS & PITCHFORKS

I am offering this great vintage homemade Halloween costume from the 1920s -1930s era. It is made of a wonderful printed muslin fabric decorated all over with some frightfully cute devils with pitchforks (frightfully cute like my brave and willing model!). The costume is adult size as you can see from my pictures. (My husband wears a men's large size in shirts. He is 5'9" tall.) It is a one piece suit and hat, similar to a clown costume, with a ruffled neck and cuffs, tassles on the front, and a tassle on the cone-shaped hat. This costume is machine stitched and in good condition. The fabric is not stained or faded on the suit. However, t is a tear in the right leg, on the inside seam, measuring 2 1/2" X 2 1/2" and another 1/2" size hole on the ruffle on the same leg, near the opening for the foot. I have pictured these spots for you to examine. Also, on the crotch seam t are some loose stitches w the seam needs restitched. Originally, t was elastic in the legs for a ruffle, but the elastic is missing and needs to be added. The hat has some stains, appearing all over the hat. They look like dark brown stains and most severly show on the back of the hat, which I have also pictured. This suit is not mildewed or moldy. It really is in good shape. The tears can be mended easily, the crotch can easily be stitched, and the elastic will ... read more