Vintage 1930s Harmony Hawaiian Steel Guitar with Pickup

c.1930 Harmony
Setup, Restored & Modified

Spruce top, birch neck, back, and sides, awesome
worn-in cherry sunburst, custom dots, original hardware,
gig-ready, pickup-equipped, with original case.

Notice the dot patterns: for normal G tuning they're inlaid for chords:
A, C, D, E, F, G, etc -- makes for quick learning and reference.

Click to hear it straight acoustic (unmixed)!
Click to hear the pickup straight (unmixed)!


This is a guitar I've been using for a while, and while it's certainly not an all-original parlor in perfect condition, it is a gig-worthy Hawaiian guitar suitable for taking to events w you don't want to get your 1920s koa Weissenborn banged up.

This began life as a decrepit old Harmony (or Regal possibly) parlor c.1925/1930 or so badly in need of a neck set (it was loose) and the back falling off. When it came to me it had been half repaired in a bunch of wacky "do-it-yourself" ways. I rectified as much as was possible and changed it over to play lap style. It's still a beater, but now it's a dependable, very practical lap guitar. I had no intention of selling it (or for that matter, restoring it to sell) except that "needs must" and so it's up on the block.
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