vintage 1930's Scooter, and Wheelbarrow,

BELAIRE BANDITS COLLECTIBLES RESTORATION SHOPS since 1980 in Louisville,Kentucky.40207.and E-bay stores since 2005 is pleased to offer our highly valued longtime clients and newer customers a RARE COLLECTION OF 1930'S CHILDREN'S TOYS. We have a Scooter and Wheelbarrow from the early 1930's. ,both were used as a child by an older (76-YEARS OLD) Family friend. They have been stored in his familie's attic since before WW2.He has asked us @ BELAIRE BANDITS COLLECTIBLES to sell these for him. our BUY IT NOW ON THE Scooter and Wheelbarrow is only 135.00.They will be sold auction style on our E-bay store site. The dimensions on the set are as follows Scooter length:35",ht:28",width at stand on base is-4",wheels are 7"dia.,the stand works perfectly and holds Scooter in place ,"Ready for the next rider".weight-6lbs.The Wheelbarrow measures as follows,length:33",height:10" 1/4",wheel:7 1/2",front of barrow:12 1/2",at rear:18 3/4" ,weight: 5 lbs.they will be shipped in same safely packaged box measuring: approx. 36 x24 x12" total weight approx.=12lbs. GOOD LUCK BIDDING ON THIS VERY RARE AND UNIQUE SET that would look nice in any older collection, Wall hangings,Conversation pieces in your office , Den or Business. Thanks again for your years of Trust in BELAIRE BANDITS COLLECTIBLES since 1980. Steven... ps The scooter has remnants of a sticker

NOTICE ; PRICE JUST SLASHED TO ONLY 65.00 for this vintage set.

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