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This is a rare Slingerland "Radio King" drum set, which was in an old La Jolla home for decades.

This is a fresh to market discovery, and remains in untouched, original as found condition.

This set was made somew between 1928 and 1941 based on the badge style, so it's most likely a mid 1930's drum set.

These drums, symbols, and stands, come with the normal dirt, and light surface oxidation from existing for around 75 years (+ or - about 6 years).

I sure was tempted to wash and polish these, but I'll let the new owner make these kinds of decisions.

In addition to the drum set, t are the symbols you see in the images, and other accessories which were all together, like the stool and an old microphone stand,

The microphone stand is not shown in the main photo, but a photo of it will be added.

If you know drums, you know this is a unique opportunity to own your own set of 1930's Slingerland drums, in classic Pearl White.

These are investment grade drums, which will grow in value, and give top quality performance too.

I bet these will be a fun project to properly clean and fix up to be almost like new.

These can be easily boxed and shipped cost effectively, or you can pick them up in San Diego.


The large drum measures 25 5/8" high and 16 1/8" wide. From the inside rims, this measures 24" across.

The 2nd largest measures 17" high and 16 3/4" wide. From the inside rims, this measures 16" across.

The banjo drum measures 7 3/4" high and 15" wide. From the inside rims, this measures 14 1/4" across.

The smaller connected drum measures 10" high and 13 3/4" wide. From the inside rims, this measures 13" across.

The drum included with damage measures 7 3/4" high and 12" wide. From the inside rims, this measures 11" across.

The high hat cymbal measures 14" wide.

The Avedis cymbals measure 15" wide and 13" wide.

Scroll down to see 5th drum.

Above: Engraved:


Radio King

Above: T is a small steel symbol clamped on to the big drum.

One drum has a banjo skin.

Above: On the smallest drum, one side looks like it has leather stretched over it.

Above: I have the small missing turn-buckle, but not the broken metal parts. More photos will be added soon.


This set is in good as found condition, and is ready to be restored to it's former glory, or can be used just like it is.

T is some damage and alterations to the smallest drum, as shown in the photos.

The big drum has some surface stretch marks on the calf skin from having another drum stored on top of it.


These weigh what a normal set of drums and symbols with accessories would weigh.


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