Vintage "1931 GORHAM" Small Tea Pot, The Bowman Hotels

The measurements are 6" tall by 6 1/2" wide from spout end to handle end by 3 1/2" wide, it has a very nice design all over, especially the lid, handle and

spout; on the bottom it reads: THE BOWMAN HOTELS, 1931, GORHAM, 17, a shield with a Anchor in it,1 wing on each side of a wheel design, (which is

the symbol for the date 1931), E P, Silver Soldered, an upsidedown P ?, 04400, 10 oz., (see pic. # 5) it is in very good condition for the age, t is some

wear & a few dents on the handle at the bottom, one is larger, about the size of a thumb nail inserted into the metal, (see pic. # 4), t is some staining

on the inside at the spout opening, otherwise it is very clean & broght silver colored, the lid is intact, t is a small vent hole in the top back by the hinge,

it is very heavy for the size

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