Up for bid we have a vintage DELCO Model R 1125 tube AM radio with wood cabinet. The radio works great. Has full dial range. Good sound qualities,no static or scratchiness. The wooden cabinet does show some usage wear but is in overall good condition. T is no missing, chipped or cracked veneer. The dial face is in good condition and it has its original dial knobs. It has an ornate speaker cutout and is cloth covered. It too is in good condition, with no looseness or tears. On the inside upper top of the radio is a tube layout sticker(intact). The tubes listed are: 75 DET AVC, 80 RECT, 6A7 MOD OSC, 7B LF, and 41 PO. ( it appears these tubes are in this radio, numbers match) On the rear of the radio is a metal name plate. It says:DELCO RADIO, Super Heterodyne Reciever, Model R 1125, 115 volts, 50-60 cycles, 55 watts, United Motors service,Inc. Detroit, Michigan. T is also a RMA member sticker on the back. On the wooden bottom of the cabinet, is the number B2571. This radio appears to be all original and in great shape for being nearly 75 years old. Happy bidding and thanks for looking.