Vintage 1937 View of Soochow Creek Shanghai China Photo

Auctions has acquired one of the largest collections ever, of historic vintage quintessential photos. Spanning the entire 20th century, they are f rom the San Francisco Examiner. The original newspaper acquired by William Randolph Hearst, it is the model for the landmark film Citizen Kane . SFX archives is one of the few eBay sites chosen by to sell this glorious collection covering the entire 20th Century. A vast majority of the photographs are fully identified, and back-stamped with original filing dates. All will be listed on eBay with low opening bids and no reserves. Included will be an diverse mix of subjects including Hollywood and entertainment, sports, historical, political, transportation, crime, oddities, and almost any anything else you can think of. Click to see SFXARCHIVE auctions (BOOKMARK FOR FUTURE). Click to see auctions (BOOKMARK FOR FUTURE). Click to see SFX-ARCHIVE2 auctions (BOOKMARK FOR FUTURE). Click to see TIQU auctions (BOOKMARK FOR FUTURE). Subject: View of Soochow Creek Date: August 19, 1937 Photographer: N/A Size: 7 x 9" Caption: Caption on back Comments: SKU: T971 Shipping is $6 domestic. Each additional lot is $1 extra. Please do not send me the wrong amount. Shipping includes insurance. If the lot is lost you will be reimbursed.

Foreign is $12 no matter what country (Canada is the only

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