Vintage 1940s to 1960 gold tone metal vanity dresser item lipstick tube holder

Vintage Hollywood Regency or Older gold tone vanity lipstick tube holder - It looks gold plated, but I do not have a metal tester.

It may be older. The Stylebuilt / Matson items of the 1960s had much more filigree work. This piece is much sleeker - so I believe it is older than the early 1960s - more of a sleek Mid Century or Art Deco vanity style -

It has four connected slick gold tone cylindrical containers with a heavier brass or gold tone decorative ridged decorative top and base. It also has 4 feet.

This piece is unmarked, but it is original older vintage and in the style of a Stylebuilt or Matson piece. The foil label is gone.

Size: approx. length is 4 inches. Approx. height is 1 7/8ths inches. The diameter of each separate tube is approx. 7/8ths inches.

Condition: Confused as to if this piece has a flaw or not. The top will remove and the piece then has 2 tubes connected to the base and 2 tubes connected to the top. If this is a flaw, then you could glue the base. However, I think this may be made this way on purpose. I am not certain why, though. The gold tone looks lovely. Each slick cylinder is very shiny and I see no loss of gold. The decorative top and base is darker and heavier. I believe it was made to have the top and base with an aged patina look.

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