Vintage 1940's French Drop Crystal Glass Lustre Chandelier 516 Crystals 26"

This listing is for a beautiful and elegant vintage handmade French lustre chandelier from the 1940s, that is in very good condition . It belonged to my Italian grandmother and has been securely stored for years . I tested it and it works properly, as the wiring is original to the chandelier . When turned on, the light shimmers off the crystals giving off little iridescent sparkles. There is detailed embossing around each of the four tiers, as pictured . Th ere are 40 2 octagon and 11 4 prism s pear shaped c rystals that all appear to be in relatively good condition . Some of the crystals have chipped tips and one crystal pair has been replaced and is barely noticeable. This is truly a nice chandelier and would be the perfect fixture to decorate your dining room.


W eight : 8 lb
Height : 26 in
Top of the base to bottom prism crystal (chainless)
Width : 13 in
The largest width which is the first ring tier
Crystal Breakdown:
- Top portion- 288 octagon shaped crystals
- 1 st Tier- 45 octagon and 45 prism s pear shaped crystals
- 2 nd Tier- 33 octago n and 33 prism spear shaped crystals
- 3 rd Tier- 21 octagon and 21 prism spear shaped crystals
- 4 th Tier- 15 octagon and 15 prism spear shaped crystals

Prism shaped crystals measure 3 in
Octagon shaped crystals measure 16mm

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