Vintage 1940s LC Smith and Corona Sterling Typewriter

Vintage L.C. Smith Corona Sterling Manual Portable Typewriter with Case
(according to it's serial number believe it is from 1945)
Serial #4A159637
Made in USA
A streamlined design with black matte finish. The workhorse of it's day! Comes with it's original case that the typewriter locks into. You can use it in or outside of the case. The keys look to be black with enamel like(?) lettering and with a glass like coating and silver rims.
This is a great find. I have not seen one in this nice condition!
Condition: You can see that from the pics this typewriter is in really beautiful condition! The keys looks like they have hardly been used. From what I know of this typewriter it has been just sitting in the closet not even used in the last at least 20 years. Tested all the keys and bell, tabs etc.. and they all work fine. There is some dust from shelf wear. Also there is some wear of the matte finish on the top of the cover which lifts up-see pics (which explains why it is worn there).
The case has wear to it with scruff marks and scraps. The cases' locking tabs work but as you can see from the pics they are a little tweaked. Ribbon is dried out (believe it is original ribbon) so needs another ribbon.
Feel free to email me with any questions.
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