Vintage 1940's Ruby 10k Solid Gold Mens Ring NO RESERVE

Vintage 1940's HUGE 9+ct Cushion Cut Ruby 10k Solid Yellow Gold Men's Ring

Fantastic LARGE 9ct Cushion Cut Ruby in PERFECT PRISTINE CONDITION!

Heavy and Substantial 7.2 Gram (0.29 Ounce) 1/4 Ounce 10k Solid Yellow Gold Ring!



Up for bid is a resent Estate Auction find, a Vintage 1940's HUGE 9ct Ruby 10k Solid Yellow Gold Men's Ring in MINT PERFECT PRISTINE CONDITION ! This Heavy 7.2 Gram (0.25 Ounce) 1/4 Ounce Vintage 1940's 10k Solid Yellow Gold Ring is set with a Fantastic HUGE 9 ct 15.5x12mm Ruby with the most Vibrant BRIGHT RED COLOR and PERFECT CLARITY & LUSTER . This Ruby is a Cushion Cut that is Beautifully faceted with a large Table on Top. The gemstone tests as a ruby on a Presidium Gem Tester and a reflectometer but still could be a very high quality lab grown ruby. This gemstone has not been removed from the setting for testing so I cannot say definitively it is a natural ruby as it is most likely a very high quality lab grown ruby. A Lab Grown Ruby has the exact same physical, optical, and chemical properties of a Natural Ruby meaning it is as hard and scratch resistant. This Ruby is in PERFECT PRISTINE CONDITION free of any chips, nicks, cracks, or scratches. This Wonderful Vintage 1940's ring has a great concave details
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