5 vintage 1940s swing jive lindyhop American Neck Ties handpainted, palm tree,

items: 5 vintage NECK TIES

design/labels (left to right in 1st pic.):

Bird Plumage by CHENEY CRAVATS Pilgrim Cravats Pilgrim Cravats 'Oriental Art' by ? Courtleigh by E & W

date: mid-late 1940s / early 1950s

origin: USA


rayon? acetate woven with nylon acetate rayon ? acetate?

blade width: all approx. 3 3/4" - 4 1/4" at widest

length: all between 47" & 55"

colours: assorted see pic.s

style: art deco early mid 20th century WW2 goodwood swing jive lindyhop rockabilly demob art deco inspired bold atomic sputnik eames era modernist hollywood...

pattern/designs: see pic.s

vintage condition: Well Worn / Wearable

these ties do all have issues (shown in pic.s):

faint stains on front spot stain, a bit grubby in knot area stains around tree small stain to front drip stains to front (i actually though these were partof the pattern on first inspection! ;o)

no other gaping holes, dangly snags, terrible stains or offensive smells ;o) please note they are 60-80 year old garments and not modern reproductions - all are imperfect as described & shown in pic.s they are however all still wearable - perfect for stage / costume, a little tlc / cleaning and they'll be great!

I specialise in American & British cravats,
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